Utah Demolition Derby Videos

I started filming demolition derby videos in 2002.  Most the derbies are of drivers from Cartow Towing out of Salt Lake City.   There are 12 years of Utah demolition derby videos online with over 24 hours of footage. I created this site as a way to organize and store the footage.  I hope you enjoy.

Most of the videos are of Northern Utah shows.  I am not a professional and this site is just for fun.  If you have any comments or concerns,  keep them to yourselves but if you really want to reach out to me, email me below.

Watch Demolition Derby Videos Online For Free.

All derby videos are hosted on YouTube and are sorted here by date and by race.  The videos are embedded as a playlist and you can choose which heat by clicking the menu on the left hand side of the video.

Rollovers Compilation